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Saturday, 14th September 2019

Living sustainably on a student budget can be easier than you might guess. Here are a few of tips for sustainable student living:


Freshers can generate a lot of waste. Being mindful of plastic freebies at the Freshers fair is a good way to reduce waste and avoid clutter in your student room.

Image credit: Well Earth Goods

Green Energy

Choosing a green energy supplier is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions and support a greener future. Our favourite as students was Bulb, they source all their electricity from renewable sources and off-set their gas by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world. They also have graphics and an interface that makes paying bills easy-peasy.

Image credit: Solar Power People

Societies and events

Students and universities are leading the way with sustainability. It’s likely there will be environmental events throughout the year, getting involved in the organisation or attending is a good way to support the initiatives and learn more. 


For Good

NUS is running a ‘For Good’ campaign that aims to help students make impactful differences through their study. Currently they have four programs: dissertations for good, placements for good, projects for good and skills for good


Image credit: NUS

Bedroom Decor

Furniture-specific charity shops usually have a collection of donations from previous outgoing students at very inexpensive prices. By waiting until you arrive to buy room decor you'll save yourself time and money, and avoid excess waste. Try googling ‘furniture charity shop near me’ and spend an afternoon browsing once you know what you’re looking for.

Image credit: Minimalist Home


Instead of buying individual sets of household items, pool resources between household members. Sharing clothes between friends is also a great way to avoid supporting fast fashion and save your student budget. Check out sites such as Hurr Collective where you can rent clothes for balls and 21st's.

Bella borrowed El's dress for their end of year ball x