Image credit: Edgar Berg

Monday 23rd December 2019

A short guide to successful borrowing

  • Communication is essential. Borrowing is collaboration at it’s best and you want the person you’re borrowing from to trust you. And definitely don’t try to hide anything, if you're found out any trust you've built will be immediately broken.

  • Be clear on your responsibility:

- If you’re the borrower, you should arrange the logistics to suit the lender, look after the item, and return in the same condition.

- Lenders should be willing to lend the item, if they want it back by a certain time they should communicate this before it’s borrowed. 

  • If you damage the item, tell the lender!! And then arrange how you can fix it.   

  • Importantly, be grateful to the lender- they’re taking a risk lending their clothes to you. 

  • Don’t treat it as a dirty secret. If you’re complimented wearing someone else’s dress, don’t pretend it’s yours- it’s the most sustainable way to increase your wardrobe and only the best friendships can do it well, so be proud!! 


Bella borrowed El's dress for her Christmas dinner