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Wednesday, 19th June 2019

Lets skip to the good bit

Pioneers of sustainable fashion aren’t just changing the rules in terms of textiles, they’re redefining fashion’s lifecycle. Instead of the continual stream of half-baked, disposable designs characteristic of fast fashion, they’re championing streamlined collections released in bursts a few times a year.



Image credit: Sezane

Gone are the days it was acceptable to have a wardrobe so big that you could get lost inside of it. In its place you’ll find a sleeker, sustainable wardrobe of essential pieces. A wardrobe of carefully picked, well-made, timeless pieces that won’t desert you when the next season rolls around.


The capsule collection is defined by Business of Fashion as “a condensed version of a designer’s vision, often limited edition, which transcends seasons and trends by being functional.” Focusing on design, the capsule collection cuts the crap and delivers enduring style.

Sezane's June Capsule, Available here

Peony Swimwear's Summer Capsule, Available here

House of Sunny's current Capsule, Available here

Tidal Swimwear's current Capsule, Available here

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