Image credit: Vera Kodajova

Thursday, 18th April 2019

Sustainable Easter-eats

The chocolate industry has been named as one of the worst offenders of worker exploitation. Buying chocolate with a certified fair-trade badge ensures you're not directly supporting this. Additionally, mass cocoa farming can be held responsible for deforestation and the use of toxic chemical pesticides. You can support ecologically farmed cocoa by buying organic chocolate and products marked with the Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certification.  

Here are some of our favourite responsible Easter-eats:

Image credit: Tony's Chocolonely

One of Rehabilitate’s favourite chocolate brands: Tony’s Chocolonely. Founded by Dutch journalist, Teun van de Keuken, in pursuit of creating a slavery-free chocolate brand. He named it ‘chocolonely’ because his slave-free policy was a lonely one in the chocolate market at the time.   

Image credit: Montezuma's

Another of our favourites is Montezuma's. Based in West Sussex, it is a small family business with ethics at its heart. Helen and Simon have personally visited the cocoa plantations and ensure that their chocolate is made from great quality and ethical cocoa. If you're looking for a plastic-free, organic, vegan and UK based egg this definitely ticks all the boxes!


*Always look out for these on your chocolate packaging!*