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Wednesday, 1st May 2019

Looking for a new feature wall? Rammed earth could be the way to go, it’s super eco and provides an interesting and unique aspect to any home.


The thought of having quite literally a mud wall in your home may not sound very appealing, but in practice a rammed earth wall is a perfect way to create a beautiful warming aesthetic in your home. Rammed earth is an ancient form of construction and is mostly found in warmer countries; walls are formed through a process of ramming layers of aggregate such as gravel, silt, sand and clay on top of one another between a metal framework.


Though the technique originates from countries with hot, dry conditions, it is also a great alternative for internal walls of buildings in wetter countries. Not only will they leave no waste if the building is demolished, they have a high thermal mass that will keep energy usage down, as well as being breathable and non-toxic. To find out more about rammed earth construction click here. Scroll for our favourite examples!


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Image credit: Dezeen


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