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Tuesday, 25th June 2019

Earth-friendly festival essentials

With Glastonbury kicking off tomorrow it’s officially the British summer festival season. This year Glastonbury has banned any single use plastic water bottles from the site and has asked everyone to bring refillable water bottles instead, and make use of the over 100 refill taps provided. Glastonbury isn’t the only festival that champions sustainability, Shambala, The Green Gathering, Latitude and Green man, are also leading the way in sustainable festivals with Shambala at the forefront - it uses 100% renewable energy and does not serve any meat or fish.


Having spent her 1st, 2nd and 18th Birthday’s at Glastonbury, as well as attending many other British festivals, Millie has become well accustomed to the essentials you need to survive. Unfortunately many items sold at and for festivals are designed to only last a couple of days and are thrown away, or even just left polluting the site - according to Powerful Thinking 23,500 tonnes of waste are produced at UK music festivals each year.


Here’s our top 10 eco-festival essentials that will stand you in good stead to get through any festival.

No. 1 - Tent

More than 250,000 tents get left behind after British festivals each year. Comp-A-tent hire out tents meaning there’s no need to lug one to site, and you can return it hassle free and waste free for someone else to use.

Image credit: Comp-A-tent

Reel Brands have designed a waterproof cardboard alternative, that is already made from 70% recycled content and can easily be recycled when you’re finished with it.

Image credit: Reel Brands

No. 2 - Wellies

Go for the classic UK-based Hunter wellie. All of Hunter’s boots are made from natural rubber and are handcrafted. We can also assure you they last for years and years!

Image credit: Hunter

No. 3 - Rain coat

Essential for a British festival, don’t be the fool that forgets and stands out like a sore thumb as a festival newbie. Best to bring your own, but if you don’t want to risk it getting covered in mud then go for this biodegradable option.


Image credit: Promise Promo

No. 4 - Water bottle

As there won’t be any single-use plastic water bottles being sold at Glastonbury this year these are essential. 24bottles are lightweight and can easily be carried, and the Black and Blum option comes with charcoal as a natural filter.

Image credit: 24Bottles

Image credit: Black & Blum

No. 5 - Toiletries

In reality you probably won’t shower the whole time you are there, unless you are willing to endure the long walk at the crack of dawn, and then brave a cold shower trying not to look down at the dreads of hair left by X amount of people before you. Here’s our essential shower-free toiletries:


No. 6 - Warm layers

Even if it’s sunny in the day, at night it always gets pretty chilly - pack lots of layers you already own, or if you reallllyyy need to buy one go for this from Lucy & Yak, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Image credit: Lucy & Yak

No. 7 - Phone Charger

So you can charge up anywhere, even when it’s cloudy, go for a solar powered charging bank.

Image credit: Survival Frog

No. 8 - Hair Accessories

Essential for when your hair turns to dreadlocks, hide it with one of these from Abella London, made from designer fabric off-cuts.


Image credit: Abella London

No. 9 - Glitter

A small swap but a big problem. Those tiny specks of glitter are made from plastic, meaning as soon as they fall off, or are washed off, they are polluting our environment and water systems. Don’t worry though as these biodegradable alternatives have been made!

Image credit: Eco Glitter Fun

No. 10 - Bags for Muddy clothes

To avoid getting mud all over your clothes for the next day don’t forget to take plastic bags with you, or get some of these biodegradable caddy bags.

Image credit: Pinterest