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Monday, 24th December 2018

Food Waste

“Think of the starving children in Africa” remember that fruitless phrase your parents used to roll  out every time you didn’t finish your peas? Turns out they actually had good reason to teach you not to waste your food, beyond the joy of torturing their child that is. Food waste is an enormous problem- according to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) over one third of food produced worldwide is wasted, and an area larger than China is used to grow food that is never eaten! That’s an unimaginable quantity of energy and the earth’s precious resources down the drain everyday simply because of food waste. With Christmas feasting around the corner we’re about to hit a high point in food wastage, here’s a few ways you can protect the environment and help feed the hungry too.


Download OLIO

An app which connects neighbours and local businesses, allowing them to share surplus food for  free. Simply post a photograph and description of your food on the page and a place from which it can be picked up from or have a scroll through the listings in your area. Designed to reduce food waste and build relationships within communities, CEO, Tessa Clarke hopes that the app will become the primary option for sourcing food, displacing shopping. It works worldwide too! We found everything from Pret sandwiches to Fortnum and Mason biscuits to goji berries. Sign up here


Donate to a food bank

Food banks take in your food donations and distribute them to people in need. Over 90% of the food distributed by the Trussel Trust is donated by the public who gave out over a million three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis from 2017 to 2018. In 2016, data from the UN stated that 8.4 million people could not afford a sufficient amount of food in the UK. Currently there is more than enough food produced worldwide to feed the world’s population, imagine the difference that could be made to millions of lives if food distribution was simply more effective.


Eat your peas

Be realistic about how much you’re actually going to eat and be smart with how you prepare your food- use your freezer, buy the amount you actually need and if you really can’t use it yourself, share it!