Image credit: M Street Style

Wednesday, 20th March 2019

Save your hair and the planet

Are you a 9Ts baby? If you love the 90’s headband and doubled up snap clips trend like we do then check out our sustainable picks below...

Everyday basic


 Made from organic cotton and natural rubber these will completely biodegrade so you can rest assured when the mysterious disappearing act inevitably occurs. Buy here


Clip it


 These tortoiseshell hair clips are made from acetate, a natural and renewable material which provides a great alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Buy here


Pin it


Alena uses uses non-plated base metals and alloys that can be recycled over and over again and non-toxic techniques to create her minimalist metal hair pins. Buy here



Day: Etsy seller ‘Mari and Oli Eco Design’ are based in Finland and on a mission to create waste-free accessories. These scrunchies are hand-made from organic and recycled cotton, ensuring no material goes to waste! Buy here


Night: Check out Mayamiko’s collection of hand-made, fair-trade and eco-friendly scrunchies to easily add some colour to your get-up. Mayamiko work with women in Malawi to create hand-made designs with a zero-waste production process. Our current fave is the Pink Wilderness scrunchie. Buy here


Millie’s go-to 


If you’re having a bad hair day this is Millie’s super-quick saviour. Made from 100% Organic cotton, it’s an everyday staple. Buy here

Just for you


 Bands by Belle are based in the UK and source their materials from small individual suppliers. Custom made products are great as they cut down on mass over-production. Have one made exactly as you like and love it long-term. Buy here


Silky locks


 Bella’s favourite spring / summer hair accessory is a silk scarf. Silk Diaries’ 100% silk scarves are all dyed using natural materials in small batches. ‘Sweet’ is our favourite - use to cover hair ties for Roman Holiday vibes. (Can also be used as a neck scarf!) Buy here