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Monday, 4th February 2019

The lingerie business’s dirty secrets…

In 2010, Greenpeace revealed shocking working conditions and environmental impacts of two Chinese textile industry towns, Xintang and Gurao, whose two top exports include jeans and bras.  Particularly ugly points of the report include dumping of untreated toxic chemicals into major water sources, the presence of five heavy metals found in a riverbed sample, and child labour. There’s a high chance the elastic straps were fixed to your bra by a child who earns 0.3 yuan (less than 4p) per 100 bras. Nine years on and the majority of high street lingerie companies are still rated ‘not good enough’ by Good On You (click to download), who rate brands by their ethical and environmental policies. In a time where data has been proposed as the new alternative to money, ‘untraceable’ supply chains are a poor excuse to evade corporate social responsibility.


The good news is that as a consumer you do have some power- the standards you demand of brands and ultimately where you put your money has a significant affect on the industry. Of course, the most sustainable option is to go au naturel, but we appreciate that it’s winter and winter does not often spur feelings of liberation. So, failing that, here are some of our favourite ethical lingerie finds, inspired by our favourite muses, from around the world to fill all your fantasies…

Grace Kelly

Sweet like apple pie- American ethical super-star brand, Reformation, are currently stocking the lacy ‘costa’ bra and matching ‘Helena’ thong. Go ivory for girl-next-door vibes.


Image credit: Reformation

Audrey Hepburn

Silk French knickers for bouji afternoon lounging with an espresso martini, cigarette holder and big fluffy cat. Designed in Sweden, made in Berlin from reclaimed Italian fabric- eat your cosmopolitan heart out.


Image credit: Anek.

Brigette Bardot

New-York based Lili Piache dishes some Bardot-like retro glamour with their ‘Luscious’ silk set. 


Image credit: Lilipiche

Jane Birkin

Sleek, classic and timeless- black lace isn’t going anywhere. British brand, Ayten Gasson, design from their Brighton boutique and are champions of the UK manufacturing industry, using textiles like Nottingham lace for their products. Take a look at their ‘Bella’ set below. 


Image credit: Ayten Gasson

Gisele Bündchen

Made in Italy by ethical company, Cosabella, the hot pink ‘Sugar’ set is perfect for a golden, sun-kissed bod. 


Image credit: Knotoryus

Diana Ross

It's always a suitable occasion for champagne. Get some Supreme glam with Ayten Gasson's 'Grace Champagne Gold' set. 


Image credit: Ayten Gasson

Gemma Chan

Superhero IRL, Gemma Chan is an Oxford educated, Hollywood super-star and passionate philanthropist. For a sophisticated look try Danish brand, Underprotection's forest green 'Lima' set

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 21.26.00.png

Image credit: Under Protection