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Wednesday, 28th November 2018

Wrapping Paper

Its not Christmas in the Rehabilitate household unless you find yourself vaguely nauseous from your chocolate breakfast, swimming in wrapping paper before noon. The hedonistic gluttony begins as soon as the youngest is awake and takes it’s rampant course through until lunchtime, after which the grandparents join and a more refined manner is adopted. The ribbons! The wrappings! The tags! And the tinsel! The trimmings! 


The thing is, wrapping paper is a total nightmare for the planet. All that plasticky film and printing means that wrapping paper is non-recyclable, and after it’s two minutes of appreciation is left dumped off Mt. Crumpit.* Now, here at Rehabilitate our heart is certainly not two sizes too small- we love Christmas, and it would be a cardinal sin to lose wrapping paper from the equation. Here’s our list of sustainable wrappings that won’t leave anyone out, even Max the dog. 


*No apologies for the scattered grinch references. If you didn’t get them, please educate yourself. 


For the long-time friend 

A little nostalgia at Christmas is never out of place, but keep to the black and white colour scheme for the newspaper, coloured ads are not chic.

Image credit: Helga Noack

For the country mouse

As Maria said, there is something deliciously wholesome about brown paper packages tied up with strings a-tune with Christmas.

Image credit: Jessica via Pinterest

For the traditionalist

Victorians may not have been synonymous with joy-bringers but they certainly loved Christmas. This Victorian Christmas bauble wrapping from UK-based Re-Wrapped is eco-friendly and pretty, yes please.


Image credit: Re-Wrapped

For the bouji b*tch

I’m afraid your going to have to order this one from America, but Genevieve will expect nothing less. It’s handcrafted from 100% tree-free paper made from recycled cotton fabric remnants and will score you bonus points a-plenty. 


Image credit: World Market

For your mum

Get yourself an extra mince pie and wrap your mum’s present in this Winter Wonderland number from Re-wrapped


Image credit: Re-Wrapped


For your doggo 

Treat your pup to an artfully wrapped bone and keep his tail wagging for the rest of the year.

Image credit: GalleryKonstartem


For unicorns

Image credit: Happy Wrap